2018 will be stellar… you just have to believe.

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2018 will be stellar… you just have to believe.

I consider 2016 and 2017 just ‘ moderate’ in terms of business growth however, if I did not plan the things I wanted to pursue both personally and professionally, I feel I may have ended up  in a slump.

So my MANTRA is: Don't just let life happen to you!

I made sure not to just wake up each morning, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch television, go to bed, and repeat the same course of events Monday through Friday; without being fully conscious. I planned my thoughts and actions every morning and before bed at night and I think it made all the difference in the world. I was positive and happy in the midst of many challenges in 2017...(slow sales, feeling overworked, dealing with difficult people and growing anxiety) it turned out pretty okay. I developed many new relationships that were positive inputs in my spiritual life and my business also grew. I was also able to successfully diversify my core services.

Sometimes if you just wait for things to happen……nothing happens. Are you ready to get things moving this year? I hope you say YES! Sometimes, we get so caught up in the little things that it’s time to break the cycle and create a life plan that actually makes you happier!

I have many goals set for this year which includes diversifying my core business even more, launching my own personal brand, career change, more exercise and weight loss, travel to the USA for work and play, gaining new clients, growing my confidence and strengthening my spiritual life. LOL. I know this is an eye and mouth full. I have always aimed to over achieve. In the past I would be hard on myself for what I was not able to accomplish from that list. Now I realise shooting beyond the stars acts as a catalyst for me  to stretch myself beyond my capacity so that although I may fall short (which we most times will) I  am still assured that I will accomplish something or achieve a level of excellence that I am comfortable with.

 Now that we got that out of the way,  it's time to get planning on your goals for 2018, if you haven't done so already. I am going to share my top tips for ensuring that you achieve your heart's desire this year.

 1. Your goals should mean something to you: - Don't always make it about money. Sometimes just chasing after money becomes stressful and unfulfilling. Even if you want material possessions like a new house or car make the goal mean something to you. In many instances these assets can give us a sense of freedom. It is only when these things have an emotional significance will we have the drive and energy to get up every morning and chase them.

2. Your goals should be as specific and as measurable as possible:- This is especially true for business goals. I teach all my clients to set SMART objectives - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. For instance, if you were to set a monthly sales target of $10,000.00, this could be measured at the end of the month to see if you were able to achieve it or at least gauge how far you are. This target could be broken down even more by different products or services sold and the sales target for each of them. Make sure you have solid strategies in place to achieve these goals and that you are reviewing them periodically. 

3. Your goals should be flexible: - This goes back to what I wrote earlier. Never set goals and dreams and hold yourself so tightly when they are not met. A flexible plan helps to remove anxiety and keeps you from feeling suffocated. You put yourself in the driver seat when you are able to be flexible and can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

 4. Your goals should be well balanced: - Each year I list goals that have a personal, spiritual and business impact. I used to focus solely on my business but would get frustrated because I was over worked, stressed and tired. This is still a challenge for me but part of my goals for 2017 and into 2018 involve spending more time with family and friends.

5. Your goals need the support of others:- This is another area I am challenged by because I strive for independence but the truth is in your personal life, your partner, spouse, sibling or children have to be apart of the achievement of your goals. In business, I have an accountability partner that checks in with me and make sure I am doing what I say I am.  Even if you want to be selective in the dreams and goals you share, creating a web of support keeps you on track with that master plan you have created.

 At the end of each month, use the aggregate of your goals to study how far you reach and highlight any areas needing attention. Once this is done you can make the journey more meaningful by celebrating your big or small wins with someone who supports your process.

I hope you use these tips to track progress and achieve your goals and dreams this year. 

Best Wishes, D


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About the author:

Debbie-Ann Jollie is a Marketing and Public Relations Strategist and the principal Director of HashSpace Limited.

She is a certified trainer with over 15 years experience in marketing management both in public and private organizations as well as through her own consulting.

She is the holder of a LCCI Diploma  in PR, Advertising and Marketing and an undergraduate degree in Sales and Marketing. Ms. Jollie has also acquired a Masters degree in Management Consultancy from the University of Wales and holds various certificates in Personal Branding, Project Management and E- Commerce.

She has worked and consulted with some of the major and well known organisational brands in Trinidad.

Ms. Jollie is also a part time lecturer and facilitator at SITAL College, Cipriani College, The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies and The School or Higher Education. 

Throughout her involvement in education she has gained experience concurrently in the construction, advertising, consulting, food distribution and retail industries, holding positions such as Director of Marketing, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales Supervisor and Production Coordinator.







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