April Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshop

April Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshop

So I had such a wonderful exchange at one of my workshops conducted with a mother and daughter team in April.

There are certain staple items which act as an important prerequisite before going to an interview. One of the major ones is a resume! A resume is a key part of an interview. A good one ensures that you secure an interview and it will be definitely be discussed in detail if you are given the opportunity to attend the interview.

Here are some of my tips on how and where to keep your resume when interviewing:

  • You should always keep a copy of your resume in a folder or some other professional looking carrier that will keep it clean and unfolded.


  • You need to have it handy while at an interview so that you can offer it quickly if the interviewer asks about it. Walking with original copies of your academic certificates to support your resume is also a must.


  • You should keep your resume, along with other documents on your lap during the interview so that you can glance down and discuss parts of it if you need to.


Always remember to keep a resume updated every time something significant changes on it. For instance if you change your address or phone number, you engage in new training or change jobs.



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