Personal Branding 101

Personal Branding 101

Branding is a critical part of the success of global businesses such as Coca Cola (a personal favourite), Nike and Mac Donalds. On a local level the former Neal & Massy group was able to successfully rebrand their over 20 subsidiaries under the flagship name MASSY with varying titles such as STORES, TECHNOLOGIES, and MOTORS. These companies are great brands because they have spent time and money making sure that they are remembered.

Well personal branding is no different! 

Personal Branding is the way in which individuals market and promote themselves, their names and their careers as brands. Debbie-Ann Jollie

For personal branding to be effective you need to clearly define who you are and what you represent and promote it using various visual online and offline strategies. Gone are the days when only celebrities, politicians and other public figures were the poster children of what successful personal brands look like. Now, because of the advent of digital technology and the regular use of the surfeit of social media platforms, regular guys like you and I can be seen as experts and become great personal brands.

Now here are some interesting facts from

  • 92% of people have said that discovering something negative about a contact through an online search would impact their perception (YouGov PLC)
  • 82% trust the first page rankings from search engine results (YouGov PLC)
  • 80% of employers Google you before inviting you for an interview (Huffington Post)
  • 89% of people research new contacts using an online search engine (YouGov PLC)

Creating a strong personal brand establishes you as a natural leader and opens doors to greater opportunities. Personal Branding provides a clear focus for personal development, all the while establishing you as a thought leader, expert or as an individualist. It is also a platform for career success in the 21st century. Technology has opened up opportunities for persons to pursue whatever it is that they’re passionate about and to be successful in life without being a slave to a 9 to 5 job.


The secret to great personal branding consists of these tangible and intangible factors:

  • A strong Online presence

If you want to have a successful personal brand you better not be afraid of the internet. Even greater than that, you better be a master of social media or at least employ someone who is. We no longer live in a world where our personal profiles are private. They are indeed very public and we get judged on this every single day. So creating valuable content, posting regularly on multiple platforms, engaging with your customers and producing homogeneous Image templates are the only ways to strengthen your brand. The key is to become as valuable as possible to the marketplace and your followers and fans. Just check out popular social media blogger Neil Patel below.

  • A killer resume

Personally branded resumes increase your likelihood of growing your career and rapidly too. Your resume is your calling card, it’s like a billboard surrounded by bright lights and it’s the first opportunity to influence and make a lasting impression of yourself.

  • A great personal style and image

Because personal branding is also about how you package your outward self it’s only natural that your clothing, hair, accessories and make up fit how you would like to be perceived. Now don’t get me wrong! You do not have to be a supermodel! No matter your occupation you should have your own “personal dress code”. Try to distinguish yourself…be unique and different. No matter how you present yourself make sure that it looks like you put some thought into it.

  • A perception that you are an expert (you can fake it ‘til you make it)

Everyone likes to associate themselves with successful people so building your personal brand will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your personal success to others. More over it will help you to build your business and attract prospective customers all the while building trust and credibility.

  • Network Enlargement

You have to increase your visibility in order to have a successful personal brand…and to position yourself as an expert in today’s business world you must network. There are so many groups and social events both online and offline that can help you to build your brand.  Now some people find it hard to network and socialize but if your goal is to build a positive self image and to promote yourself or your career then you need to get out there. The more you do it the easier it becomes.

Your personal brand is ultimately a very effective tool to network and build relationships with people who share some of your thoughts or who support your ideas, business and philosophies. Most entrepreneurs know the importance of branding to their firm’s success. Building a well recognized and respected personal brand adds incredible value and can set you apart creating a significant competitive advantage.



Debbie-Ann Jollie is a Marketing Strategist and the principal Director of HashSpace Limited. She is a certified trainer with over 15 years’ experience in marketing management both in public and private organizations as well as through consulting.


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