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You start off on a high note- you decide to commit to launching your business, you secure funding and all your inputs. Things seem to be going well but then you hit your first speed bump. First a machine breaks down and then one of your skilled employees leave. An unexpected tax bill arrives and you seriously consider calling it quits. Does any of this sound familiar? It may not have happened in the exact same way but I am almost sure that it did and until you get a handle on the business, it will most likely happen again....

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Are you an introverted entrepreneur? ....Do you love creation and innovation, but are not great with people? And are you answering "Yes" right now. Then maybe, by extension you are not fond of selling. But don't worry you are not alone. As I interact more and more with entrepreneurs, it is quite apparent that not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Not all of us are natural sales men. In fact, some entrepreneurs out right hate to sell and don't know how to do it. I've been told that the mere thought of sales typically feels unnatural and uncomfortable to them. ...

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Whether you are just starting out or been in business for 40 years, having a business plan is crucial to the long term success of the organization. Even more importantly and what entrepreneurs may sometimes not see is that a business plan feeds into and affects EVERY aspect of your business. A BUSINESS PLAN is important to your bankers! You cannot get financing for growth or expansion from ANY financial institution unless you have a business plan. PERIOD! When you seek financing for your business, it is important to clearly describe the opportunity, as bankers will want to know: Why...

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  As I close my third year in business, I reflect on 2016 with a lot of lessons learned. Now I don’t want to bore you with lots of writing ( and hence lots of reading on your part  ) but I do want to start by saying, if you want to be successful  in your business in 2017 you will need to ask YOURSELF these questions RIGHT NOW!....and be honest with your answers. Do YOU want to be out of DEBT? Do YOU want to STOP struggling in BUSINESS? Do YOU want more clients/customers? Do YOU want more visibility...

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Hey guys! Marketing your business online and offline does not mean you have to spend a whole lot of money.  But it does mean as an entrepreneur you need to make up your mind to do a whole lot of ground work to get yourself out there. I am in business now for 3 years utilizing every conceivable NO COST to LOW COST method. Here are 10 plus another 10 proven strategies for growing your business with some old-fashion methods thrown in. Marketing offline: Send faxes to existing and prospective customers. Send emails to existing and prospective customers. Low cost...

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