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It is one of the most challenging things you will do in your life if you choose it: balancing your passion and entrepreneurial spirit while working your 9 to 5 job. Even more difficult is trying to grow your business and build your visibility. But although most entrepreneurs started their career working for someone else, at one point they all knew that they would never get rich putting money in someone else's pocket. Many people feel uncomfortable and are unsure of how to grow their business without there being an inherent conflict with their present job. I am here to say that...

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I find myself spending late nights going through emails, planning activities for my business, reading about competitors and keeping up on changes in my industry. I have a natural desire to learn more and to consistently push to make my business and brand a success! I am excited every day and this passion fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. What fuels yours? If we don’t have a passion for something, someone, or some activity then we might as well be throwing this gift of life away. We need to feed our spirit and desire for greatness by striving to achieve success in this...

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