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Female entrepreneurs are faced with unusually high expectations to balance being great business leaders, great mothers and wives and fit everyone’s idealistic mould; and although entrepreneurship was once considered the man’s domain female entrepreneurs are growing in droves. Our importance to growing our countries’ GDPs are undeniable, just see this excerpt from an article in the Trinidad Express in 2014: “Today, around the world, well over 200 million women are either starting or currently running their own business and over 100 million  of those employ others in the process, 12 million are set to employ up to six additional people...

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I find myself spending late nights going through emails, planning activities for my business, reading about competitors and keeping up on changes in my industry. I have a natural desire to learn more and to consistently push to make my business and brand a success! I am excited every day and this passion fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. What fuels yours? If we don’t have a passion for something, someone, or some activity then we might as well be throwing this gift of life away. We need to feed our spirit and desire for greatness by striving to achieve success in this...

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