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So it’s been more than a year since I started writing articles and blogs on my website and for other local and international publications. I have always been a marketing person…not so much a writer per se, but I have grown accustomed to creating content for a number of businesses over the years. I am not gonna lie; trying to generate a blog every month initially and then every 10 days ( my new target) was hard at first. It was no easy feat trying to come up with new and fresh story ideas every 10 days. But I assure...

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 Who promised the path to be straight? If you are not motivated in the tough world we live in; then sadly, you may be among millions who are in a state of severe depression that might lead to the unthinkable or you are among those who go through life, day to day, without real purpose, passion and understanding. Neither of these are mental places we want to exist in. Now Listen! I understand all too well that life often throws us curve balls – loss of a job, loss of a loved one, addictions, accidents and close calls, money woes,...

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So I love the Dummies series of books! I have a few marketing themed ones and because I have taken an active role as a Marketing Strategist to develop my personal brand, I decided to buy a copy of ‘Personal Branding’ in this series. It’s a great book and a great read for anyone who wants to make a shift into making themselves more visible. The concept of personal branding is not new and has been in existence since 1937, when Napolean Hill wrote his book, Think and Grow Rich. For my fellow entrepreneurs and individuals who are trying to build some...

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