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I find myself spending late nights going through emails, planning activities for my business, reading about competitors and keeping up on changes in my industry. I have a natural desire to learn more and to consistently push to make my business and brand a success! I am excited every day and this passion fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. What fuels yours? If we don’t have a passion for something, someone, or some activity then we might as well be throwing this gift of life away. We need to feed our spirit and desire for greatness by striving to achieve success in this...

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In today’s market it is not sufficient to simply have a resume. With a growing number of persons willing to move from one city to another or from one Caribbean island to another to work; it is extremely important that your online presence enhances you as a professional. Many recruiters will tell you that they google prospective employees to see what they find. Even more interesting is that if you really want to improve your chances of getting seen you will need to have a Linkedin profile. Many recruiters now actively search for top talent on this social media platform....

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