The Entrepreneur STARTER workshop

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The Entrepreneur STARTER workshop

2018 is YOUR Year!

So the new year has begun! And you haven't gotten your business off the ground.

You are uncertain of your next move because everyone is saying the economy is so you are hesitant.

I get it!

But trust me if you don't get your business moving before you know it 2018 will be closing and you will begin to regret it.

Other people would have started their business and you would be disappointed!


Entrepreneurship has become one of the key drivers of our economy in Trinidad and Tobago.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who take risks and recognise opportunities for innovative products and services. This workshop is geared towards formulating, developing, managing and commercialising ideas through the creation of a business and execution of a plan.

This workshop and program will cover:

1. The creation of a business plan that is accepted by banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in Trinidad.

2. How to Market and Sell your business online and offline.

3. How to understand your customers and develop a customer profile.

Small business owners
High School and University Graduates
Individuals thinking of starting their own company.

DATE: JANUARY 28th 2018 - 9 am to 12 noon

REGULAR FEE: $400.00

CALL 495-3552 to book your space. 

P.S.You also have access to an exclusive facebook group for further training and some bonus goodies.

About the author:

Debbie-Ann Jollie is a Marketing and Public Relations Strategist and the principal Director of HashSpace Limited.

She is a certified trainer with over 15 years experience in marketing management both in public and private organizations as well as through her own consulting.

She is the holder of a LCCI Diploma  in PR, Advertising and Marketing and an undergraduate degree in Sales and Marketing. Ms. Jollie has also acquired a Masters degree in Management Consultancy from the University of Wales and holds various certificates in Personal Branding, Project Management and E- Commerce.

She has worked and consulted with some of the major and well known organisational brands in Trinidad.

Ms. Jollie is also a part time lecturer and facilitator at SITAL College, Cipriani College, The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies and The School or Higher Education. 

Throughout her involvement in education she has gained experience concurrently in the construction, advertising, consulting, food distribution and retail industries, holding positions such as Director of Marketing, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales Supervisor and Production Coordinator.



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