Who or what keeps you motivated?

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Who or what keeps you motivated?

 Who promised the path to be straight?

If you are not motivated in the tough world we live in; then sadly, you may be among millions who are in a state of severe depression that might lead to the unthinkable or you are among those who go through life, day to day, without real purpose, passion and understanding. Neither of these are mental places we want to exist in.

Now Listen! I understand all too well that life often throws us curve balls – loss of a job, loss of a loved one, addictions, accidents and close calls, money woes, prolonged health issues, legal battles, issues with self-esteem and the list goes on and on. One of the things I learnt in life and continuously remind myself daily is that no one has a smooth ride. Life is a journey filled with hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations, and lessons that if you pay attention to will ultimately lead you to your destination. Your REAL purpose in life!

It is often said that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. That’s true and has been one of the ironies of life for me. I am motivated everyday even during setbacks. A few years ago, I separated from an organization under the worst circumstances. The company downsized and many employees were out of a job (including me). For those that didn’t simply walk away, many put the company in court and nasty legal battles ensued. Instead of falling flat on my face (“I fell forward” – a great quote I got from the actor Denzel Washington) by the thought of no income and threw myself into what I knew best which was teaching and lecturing. I took every conceivable part time job that I could and although I felt angry, hurt and depressed I came out of that difficulty more enriched than I was before. Such a negative shift in my life opened me up to the realization that I had much more testicular (not really) fortitude than I thought. Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason. Sometimes this may mean we must face heartaches and need to change to experience true joy.

Another great motivator for me has been my family and especially my son. We are not always blessed with the ideal parents and for a while in my 20s I was critical of their opinions and rules because I wanted to navigate my own path. It was only when I had a child of my own that I understood what love was and that although these ‘bloody’ people (my family) didn’t always think the way I did they always had my best interest at heart. They motivate me every day to do what I do and to ultimately make them proud in the way I ultimately raise my son.

My last and greatest motivator is my faith and by extension the ‘hope’ that this brings. My ability to face all life’s challenges is a direct result of my spiritual upbringing. I am by no means an expert here. In fact, I say humbly…I am a work in progress in my walk with God. Hope undergirds all the elements of motivation and motivates me to move in a certain direction and to do certain things with my life.

If I had no hope I wouldn’t believe in my students and in their stories of triumph and success that continue to motivate me.

If I had no hope I would not be motivated to pursue my dreams despite of the nay-sayers.

If I had no hope I would not believe that there is still good in the world and that god brings these good people into my life to teach me new things and to continue to live a life full of victory.

 Throughout this adventure, we know as life many challenges will face us. We need to find those innate treasures that motivate and keep us on the path of victory. So, I urge you today to look at life with new eyes. To be grateful and thankful not only for the big things but the little things. Many people will give you advice and insights on how to live your life but when it all comes down to it, you must always do what feels right to you.

Cheers, XXX


Debbie-Ann Jollie is a Marketing Strategist and the principal Director of HashSpace Limited. She is a certified trainer with over 15 years’ experience in marketing management both in public and private organizations as well as through consulting.


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