Why do small businesses need social media management? And why should they care?

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Why do small businesses need social media management? And why should they care?

There is no turning back! Social Media and the Digital world is here to stay….and if you are not on board as a small business entrepreneur YOU will get left behind. Increasingly customers, suppliers and businesses are networking online. Just in 2016 alone, I have been able to meet so many clients and potential clients online and found so many other entrepreneurs to do business with right here in Trinidad.

I know the plethora of social media platforms can be overwhelming to the average business owner! Some of you just don’t know where to start and which ones to use. But understand something! Social networks ARE a SOLUTION. They provide an opportunity to meet new clients and help you understand your customers even better with all the analytics behind them.

Social media gives you a feel of what your clients like and dislike about your business without having to do expensive and time consuming research. This will help you in better positioning your products and services to satisfy their needs.

I personally think of social media as word of mouth advertising but on steroids. If managed correctly, you can reach more persons than you ever thought possible.

Here’s how to do social media right:

  1. Understand the different platforms and which ones are most relevant to your business.
  2. Start up a blog (and post at a minimum 3 times per month).
  3. Create content in at least 3 of the best social media platforms excluding your blog, linking them together to improve SEO.
  4. Scan, monitor, comment, respond and engage with customers daily. This is to ensure that you stay relevant and build your brand as top of mind for customers.
  5. Start checking google alerts to see when and where your business is mentioned on the web.

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